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Reservation Policies

If you are driving to Denali, please meet us at our office at Denali about 10 minutes prior to your trip time. We are super easy to find – we are on the northeast side of the bridge at Milepost 238, Parks Highway. Plenty of parking. If you are arriving by train or motorcoach, we will contact you to arrange a meeting place and time.

We require 48 hour cancellation notice for refunds. If we cancel a trip, we will give you an immediate refund. It is important that you speak with our office personnel during regular business hours (7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.) to make such changes. To ensure the safety of its guests, Nenana Raft Adventures reserves the right to cancel or switch the location of its raft trips.

In general, all raft trips require a minimum of 4 paying passengers in order for us to run them. This is rarely an issue during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day; occasionally, however, it is necessary for us to cancel raft trips which cannot be run on an economical basis. If a trip does not “make,” Nenana Raft will gladly refund your money or make arrangements to reschedule your trip, at your option.

On rare occasions, weather, water levels, or other acts of nature may require Nenana Raft to change the section of river being run for its whitewater or wilderness run raft trips. In general during periods of very high water, we shift the location of our raft trips to sections of river upstream of the Nenana Gorge. We reserve the right to do this and do not issue refunds for these situations.

Should Nenana Raft have to cancel a trip, you will receive a full refund or you may reschedule, at your option. We make every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of our guests.

Rafting is an inherently risky activity. Nenana Raft Adventures assumes no responsibility for customer injury, death or property loss, however caused. You assume all risks of participation by signing our Risk Assumption and Liability release form and listening closely to the pre-trip safety briefing given by your guide. You can find the Risk Assumption and Liability Release Form on our web site (www.raftdenali.com) under “Risk and Responsibility.”

For rafting, you should dress for the weather. Remember to wear long pants, long sleeves, at least 2 layers on the top, and socks. Bring an extra pair of socks with you when you check in. When you take off your shoes to get dressed into your drysuit, you can put the extra pair of socks into your shoes, which will meet you at the end of the trip. Remember, also, that everything you wear will go inside the drysuit, so it’s best not to wear a top layer that has a hood because hoods can be uncomfortable inside the drysuit. If it’s chilly, you may want to bring a hat. We launch our trips rain or shine; in fact, there’s nothing better to do at the Park when it’s raining than go rafting.

Experience the thrill of rafting Denali

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