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Denali Raft Trip Schedules & Options

The Nenana River flows northward through the heart of the Alaska Range and forms the eastern border of Denali National Park

Whitewater Rafting

Upper Nenana Scenic Wilderness Run

$125 per person
$85 per child ages 5-9

Upper Nenana Rafting

Nenana Gorge Whitewater Paddle Raft

$125 per person

Whitewater Rafting

Nenana Gorge Whitewater Oar Raft

$125 per person

Denali Double

$200 per person

Whitewater Rafters

Nenana Overnight

$1500 per person Heli-Raft
$600 per person road access
4 person minimum

Whitewater Rafting

Nenana Heli-Rafting

$1000 per person
This trip requires a minimum group size of 4 persons
Whitewater Rafting

Talkeetna River Multi-Day

$3000 per person
This trip requires a minimum group size of 4 persons

The Denali Experience

Denali National Park is world famous for, the mountain that gave the Park its name – Denali – at 20,320 feet, the tallest mountain in North America. Resulting from the massive collision occurring as the Pacific Ocean plate grinds its way beneath the North American continent, Denali dwarfs the mountains surrounding it, reigning as the crown jewel of the Alaska Range. With numerous active glaciers pouring off its flanks, Denali is still locked in the last ice age. Containing over six million acres, Denali National Park was set aside to preserve not only the mountain itself, but the pristine alpine terrain in the surrounding lands.

We have several rafting options available for visitors to the Denali Park area. With over 60 miles of river to choose from, the Nenana has peacefully calm, non-whitewater sections as well as large volume Class IV whitewater.

Trips can vary in length from 2 hours whitewater thrillers through the Nenana Gorge to multi-day helicopter supported trips which launch within sight of the Nenana’s source glaciers.

For visitors on tight schedules, we have several half day and full day trips to choose from, with several departure times daily.

For visitors desiring small groups and wilderness settings, we suggest taking an overnight trip, camping along the river as you go. On our overnight trips you can choose from several options. For visitors looking for the exotic, a 2-day/1-night helicopter supported raft trip putting in on the Yanert Fork of the Nenana is a must. For those on smaller budgets, we can still camp on the river, but can hold down costs by accessing the main fork of the Nenana by road.

Regardless of the time you have available at Denali National Park, we’ll provide you with a raft trip that meets your schedule as well as your budget.

Experience the thrill of rafting Denali

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